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Mansour Ahani
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Mansour Ahani
  • Canada
  • Date of admissibility
    29 Mar 2004
    Submission date
    10 Jan 2002
    Date of adoption of the Views
    29 Mar 2004
    Session No
    Type of decision
    Adoption of views
    Three individual opinions have been submitted: one signed by Mr. Nisuke Ando, one signed by Ms. Christine Chanet and one combined dissenting opinion signed by Sir Nigel Rodley, Mr. Ivan Shearer and Mr. Roman Wieruszewski are appended to the present document. Under rule 85 of the Committee's rules of procedure, Mr. Maxwell Yalden did not participate in the examination of the case. On 11 January 2002, the Committee, acting through its Special Rapporteur for New Communications, pursuant to Rule 86 of the Committee's Rules of Procedure, requested the State party, in the event that the Supreme Court's decision expected the same day would permit the author's deportation, "to refrain from deportation until the Committee has had an opportunity to consider the allegations, in particular those that relate to torture, other inhuman treatment or even death as a consequence of the deportation". By Note of 17 May 2002, the Committee, having been informed by counsel of a real risk that the State party would not comply with the Committee's request for interim measures of protection, reiterated its request. On 10 June 2002, the State party deported the author to Iran.
  • aliens rights - expulsion
  • arbitrary arrest - detention
  • fair trial
  • individual communications procedure, violation of procedure
  • interim measures
  • national security
  • refugee status
  • right to life
  • torture
  • undue delay
  • Articles
  • CCPR-13
  • CCPR-14-1
  • CCPR-6-1
  • CCPR-7
  • CCPR-9-1
  • CCPR-9-4

  • CCPR/C/80/D/1051/2002

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